Chicken Soup For The Ranter’s Soul: TRANScendence

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I know I’ll probably piss off a lot of people BUT I feel it needs to be said because I’m tired of this constant shutdown of any ideas to the contrary of what is believed about choices made by one Bruce Jenner to become Caitlyn Jenner.

I want to make it known that these are my opinions on Bruce Jenner’s decision to become Caitlyn Jenner and the idea of being transgender in general. It would be completely dishonest of me to say that my opinions aren’t somewhat colored by my religious background because in some ways they are BUT I also would like to think myself a very reasonable man and I think there’s a fair amount of logic within my arguments and opinions.

I think the problem so many make is that they believe gender is a social construct and that’s simply untrue. How you are treated as a result of your gender is a social construct that can easily be changed by your given society (whether that social construct is valid or not is another discussion entirely) BUT your biological gender is simple irrefutable fact. You are born a man or a woman, you cannot change that. Even with a sex change operation that doesn’t change the fact that a man that becomes a woman can’t produce eggs and a woman that becomes a man can’t produce sperm. Your outsides may say you are something different but your biology can’t lie.

To change your gender is the ultimate denial of an irrefutable fact about yourself. I can understand people being attracted to the same sex I don’t think it’s inherent and I personally think it’s wrong but I can understand it on some level. I can understand a man who likes the idea of being a woman acting like a woman or a woman who likes the idea of being a man acting like a man. BUT I’m sorry a fact is a fact and trying to change a fact is like trying to change the direction the sun rises and sets in. How can we live in a society where simply thinking that we aren’t a gender changes something BIOLOGICALLY proven? It’s like saying that because I always believed the earth should be flat that it now is.

I dislike Bruce Jenner’s decision to become Caitlyn Jenner for the same reason I dislike any kind of plastic surgery done for the sake of vanity. I find it incredibly odd and ironic that in a society that talks all about loving the skin you’re in and being yourself that when someone does the very antithesis of that people are surprisingly very understanding. They’ll talk about all these botched plastic surgery fiascos or they’ll talk about how someone ruined their face with plastic surgery and they’ll say things like “Why did they do that? That’s just overboard” but this decision isn’t? The decision to radically alter your body on a grandiose ideal of perfection for oneself would be crazy if it weren’t for the fact of confused gender identity. The same society that cracks jokes about Michael Jackson’s nose or that is critical of someone like Iggy Azalea getting plastic surgery is the same society that’s patting Caitlyn Jenner on the back for going for the same kind of extreme ideal of perfection.

I don’t judge Caitlyn Jenner or Bruce Jenner or whatever you happen to be calling him/her at the moment. I’ve certainly made my own share of mistakes, I’m certainly not perfect but since when does that mean that I can’t recognize what I believe to be another’s mistake and hope that it’s not too late for people to turn them around?

I don’t advocate any hate for those who are transgender. They are people and deserve to be treated with a level of dignity that extends to all human beings big and small. I respect anyone’s right at any time to do whatever they want with their body. It is THEIR body. I respect anyone’s right to agree with Caitlyn Jenner however misguided I may think that they are. All I ask is that people respect my right to think the decision was the wrong one.

When Bruce Jenner made his change public he’s the one who opened up this discussion to the general public and all I want is for people to discuss this, to think critically about the ideas they are lending their voice to, to extend people the courtesy of not shutting them down and shutting them out simply because opinions differ. I want people to make up their own minds, to come to their own conclusions without being bullied or brow beaten by others into submission on either side. I want people from both sides of this coin to have a genuine respect for one another and a genuine talk about these things because honestly it’s a discussion worth having.


Social Experimentation: What did the five fingers say to the face?

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Chances are if you’ve been on the internet in the past week you’ve seen this video. Hell maybe you’ve even been one of the millions who have shared it because it brought a smile to your face and a hope to your heart for the future of civilization. Well before you watch it again and all let out your collective sighs of “AWWWWWWW” I think it’s time someone popped the nice little bubble of cuteness from around this bag of sweet nothings.

I do hate to be the bearer of bad news (actually no I don’t, I just say that so others feel better about my humanity), but this “Social experiment” works about as well as Lady Gaga in a subtlety contest.
Neighborhood Friendly Ranter, you say, how can you be so cynical? It proves the childhood innocence inherent in all of us.  Yes..that’s why bullying is such an epidemic in our country that thousands of dollars are spent on public service ads and probably millions of youngster are shooting themselves or shooting each other because of social anxieties.  Yep, inherent in all of us.
It’s amazing to me that people miss the absolute basic facts and are so willing to believe in the good natured naivety of children that they ignore the most simple fundamentals of any kind of study.
First of all, we don’t get to see the reverse side of this spectrum. How many of these children actually hit her? What are those statistics? I’m guessing probably none. If you can guess from the name, most domestic violence happens in someone’s house or at the very least on someone’s own private property. How much spousal abuse do you think happens in front of the world? How many men do you think are so brazen that they would abuse their significant other in front of a crowd or in front of a camera? It happens BUT it’s not often. SO what makes you think these young boys are going to be so bold? If anything they’d be more shy.  Another factor is that these little boys have NO attachment to this girl what-so-ever. How many men would just walk up to a random woman and hit her for no reason? Typically domestic violence happens between loved ones usually from a place of emotional instability.
Here’s the thing about doing this kind of social experiment. Domestic violence is wrong, most people believe domestic violence is wrong…so why wouldn’t these children believe so if society tells us that domestic violence is wrong? Hell even the people who abuse their spouses know it’s wrong otherwise they would do it in broad daylight for everyone to see all the time.
All this video proves is that a little boy doesn’t want to hit a random pretty little girl on camera in front of a bunch of people. You’ve taken a bunch of random kids, given them nothing but positive emotional stimuli and then ask them to react negatively? No wonder they have confused and befuddled looks on their faces.  Want to see how kids really react with one another? just film a playground and you’ll see a much different social structure and world. One where both positive and negative stimuli are present and one where Children aren’t necessarily heavily supervised. I mean think about it, for a “Social” experiment this certainly was awfully controlled.  We didn’t get to see the boys and the girl interact on their own terms at all. it was all at the instruction of the man behind the camera which to me comes off feeling a bit like Herbert The Pervert from Family Guy asking little kids to do things to each other.

I get what this is trying to say and I applaud its message. There’s nothing wrong with opening up earnest discussion about domestic violence BUT I just can’t watch some hack job “experiment” that was done wrong in every single way and see it as some kind of revelatory work of genius.

Asian Movie Madness: G Saviour

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The live action Cutie Honey movie wasn’t Bandai’s only mistake when it comes to adaptations of anime.

Anime Series Madness: Nadia The Secret Of Blue Water

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Drugs, a hint of nudity, animal abuse and borderline bestiality…what an awesome show for kids?!?

A Sin Of Omission

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a brief moment in the rain,
The warmth of a touch unattainable
between the gentle breeze of each drop,
silent shivering breaths of expectation,
a tiny frame
cold and alone
her hair woven of the same fine black silk
that the ocean wears as a midnight gown,
and I was instantaneously lost at sea, wickedly breathless.
A brief moment in the rain
our eyes became one and we saw the same thing,
words too close to our lips to utter.

This is dedicated to the girl I stood with in a cold autumn rain in Atlanta. It’s probably silly but I often think of that singular moment we shared and though we never exchanged names I could never forget how it felt to connect to another human being again or the deep brown gaze of  your eyes.

Office Space

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Words cannot describe the immense torture of a day of training at work. Hearing the dead lifeless droll voice of someone who has given the same lecture over and over like a lifeless parrot doing endless recitations through some freak death rattle. The pointless slideshows and attempts at water cooler humor that fall flatter than the Olsen twins collective bosoms….if hell had an intro it would be a power point. The timer for your 15 minute breaks in between demonstrations is like an hourglass holding tiny granules of your life and you’re watching them slowly drip away into the realization that you hate your job now because it’s nothing like what you signed on to do and you wonder why you still work there which then always leads to the revelation that decent jobs are hard to come by without a degree in Whatever The Fuckery which of course means either giving a shit about a broken education system and/or going in to debt so you can do something you might enjoy when you get out of the system but probably not because you won’t be able to find the job you’re looking for which then makes you depressed that you have to keep your job which you loathe so you can have money.
I feel like I am sitting by a window seat on a bus and we’re slowly passing by my life.

Welcome to adult hood…please step through the doors where you will be de-loused, prepped for the anal probe and handed a bottle of booze that we deducted from your paycheck.

I think this is a sign that I need to kick myself in the ass and start pointing my life in a better direction.

Asian Movie Madness: Rurouni Kenshin Review

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Popular consensus is this is a good movie but does that make it a very good adaptation?

Want to see the trailer for the upcoming sequel based on the Kyoto arc? Well I don’t care, here it is anyway.